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Shiver me Timbers is Australia’s highest volume processor of recycled timber. We source the best, highest quality demolition hardwoods from wharves, bridges, wool stores and factories across Australia and turn beautiful old timbers into new and contemporary products. This transformation takes place in our mill, where the highest quality recycled timber in Melbourne in produced.

Timbers originally logged by hand and drawn from the bush with bullock teams have stood the test of time due to their durability and strength. Today, the beauty inherent in these majestic old timbers inspires people to create designs that showcase the natural variations of colour and texture with spectacular results for contemporary and traditional settings.

Our huge stockpile of recycled timber allows us to offer the most comprehensive range of colours and character, in lengths and widths which are no longer available in new timber. There is no higher quality recycled timber available in Australia. Using precision machinery in our on-site mill, we can customise heritage timbers for a variety of uses including: