With modern handling equipment and precision machinery, we can unlock the secrets of recycled old growth timbers to reveal a range and depth of colour and quality seldom found in newly logged green timber today.

Careful recovery and long distance haulage are just the beginning of an intricate process to provide high quality re-milled, recycled timber products. Great care is taken to ensure the timber is metal free prior to milling. Once deep-cut, straightened and dressed, the timber is sorted and stored according to species to allow easy selection for your specific project’s needs.

Milling Services:

  • De-nailing and metal detecting service (Charged hourly).
  • Sawing and dressing your timber to specifications. (Charged by the cubic meter). Machining jobs are accepted depending on the species, quantity and condition of timber.
  • For large section processing, posts can be sawn and dressed, subject to size and condition, or brushed with heavy duty wire brushes to bring out the colour. This gives an aged look to the post.
  • Sawing of salvaged green logs is charged on an individual basis.