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Customers are invited to bring a cutting list, plans, a magazine picture or an idea.

We will help you translate this into timber species and quantities. Whether you want a single bench top or timber for major development, we are used to working with renovators, designers, architects and builders and can provide a no fuss, prompt quotation upon request.

How large can Shiver Me Timbers’ recycled timber posts be?

We are able to manufacture timber posts up to 380mm x 380mm with a maximum length of 12m.

Which species of timber is most suitable for a deck?

Durability should be the main concern when choosing a deck to ensure the decking gives as long a service as possible. Class one and two hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Ironbark are most suitable for this external application.

What kinds of timber products do you offer?

At Shiver Me Timbers, we are able to provide:

  • Timber flooring
  • Timber decking
  • Timber benchtops
  • Timber posts & beams
  • Dressed boards
  • Timber staircases
  • Wooden cladding and lining
  • Firewood

Check out our Timber Products Gallery.

What sizes are you able to manufacture timber benchtops in?

At Shiver Me Timbers we offer timber benchtops that:

  • Have a finished thickness between 25mm to 90mm.
  • May have either narrower (80mm – 120mm) or wider (130mm – 260mm) planks as laminate.
  • Have a maximum width of 1200mm in a solid piece (Wider tops are possible when the finishing work is done by hand).
Should floor boards be liquid (secret) nailed?

It is recommended that liquid nails are suitable for floor boards up to 130mm. It is highly recommended that experiences floor layers complete this kind of job.

What length do floor boards come in?

Flooring length varies between 0.9 meters right through to 5.4 meters. Generally the length of recycled flooring timbers is dependant on what the boards are made from.

Can floorboards be installed over an existing floor?

Yes they can. There are different ways of doing this but the most common method is called the “floating floor”. This allows timber floor to rest directly over suitable subfloor with the use of no nails or glue.

What widths are available on floor boards?

Standard sizes include 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 220mm and 240mm.

Is the timber color consistent?

Timber is a natural product. Color is always expected to vary depending on the species, size and location of which the tree grew.

Why should I go to Shiver Me Timbers for my recycled timber supplies?

At Shiver Me Timbers, we use modern handling equipment and precision machinery to unlock the secrets of recycled old growth timbers to reveal a range and depth of colour and quality seldom found in newly logged green timber today.

Careful recovery and long distance haulage are just the beginning of an intricate process to provide high quality re-milled, recycled timber products. Great care is taken to ensure the timber is metal free prior to milling. Once deep-cut, straightened and dressed, the timber is sorted and stored according to species to allow easy selection for your specific project’s needs.