Shiver me Timbers is passionate about quality re-milled, recycled timber flooring. Turning old floor joists from a wool store into wide board hardwood flooring, or timber from old stock yards into beautiful shiplap cladding is what we do best.

Timber flooring doesn’t get better than this; its stability is inherent in the age and beautifully seasoned nature of the timbers we begin with. We use precision machining, optimum stability and quality control to produce solid recycled timber flooring for use in any situation including:

  • 12mm solid timber overlay flooring for use over concrete or sheet
  • 19mm traditional structural flooring
  • Unique wide boards in 22mm – 25mm thickness and up to 260mm wide
  • Secret nail or top nail profiles available

Re-milled hardwood floorboards can be milled to achieve a rustic look with random sizes, rough sawn or you can have a clean fresh look.

We currently have stock of reclaimed Jarrah from Western Australia ideal for flooring.

Where a floor deserves no less than the natural beauty of solid timber, Shiver me Timbers has a range of adaptable solutions that provide you with strength, durability and a magnificent pure timber surface underfoot.

Options include:

  • 80mm x 19mm flooring is available in all Australian species and grades, giving you a wide variety of colours and degrees of natural timber feature to compliment any design requirement.
  • 130mm x 19mm flooring which results in a more traditional style timber surface and is also available in all Australian species and grades.
  • A broach selection of Wide Board Floors are available in two profiles, 180mm x 21mm and 210mm x 23mm and distinctively emphasize the natural character of timber flooring.
  • 12mm overlay flooring can be applied directly over any existing timber floor or sheet sub floor, affording all the splendour of solid timber flooring.
  • We supply an exciting new longer lasting 14mm overlay product that can also be laid over existing sheet subfloors when height is of concern. It is robust and reliable and available in all Australian species and grades to give versatility of colour and feature for every application.
  • EZ-Lay is a timber flooring product ideal in all overlay applications. It is easier to handle during delivery and installation and is pre-straightened and pre-flattened during milling to eliminate twist, bow and spring.

Call us on (03) 9544 4325 for more information about New or Recycled Flooring options available from Shiver me Timbers.


All flooring is sold as random lengths but the general length of each floor will vary. Please ask your sales person for precise information as to the average length of each of our different floors. In most cases, flooring comes end-matched to reduce wastage and speed up laying time.


Refer to Floor Installations for installation information.


Availability of the various floors changes weekly. Please call us on (03) 9544 4325 or check our Stock List for current availability.


Because each batch of flooring tends to sell out quickly, we take orders well in advance and offer you storage at no charge until your job is ready for the flooring.