Shiver me Briquettes are an environmentally friendly heating and cooking fuel made from compressed sawdust from 100% recycled timber. No more having to split wood or kindling!

The Briquettes are:

  • Low cost
  • Sold in approximately 1m3 lots
  • Easy and clean to store
  • Easy to light
  • No spitting coals or smell
  • Leave little or no ash residue
  • Natural with no additives such as adhesive, accelerant or contaminants

With briquettes, you can control the size of your fire precisely and there is no wildlife habitat destruction as with bush harvested firewood.


$ 50 per lot


All firewood items are available from our warehouse at:
51 Winterton Road,
Clayton VIC 3168.
Call:+61 (3) 9544 4325
Fax:+61 (3) 9543 4535